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Classificazione dei Rifiuti

The classification of a waste is an indispensable and fundamental step, the effects affect all the subsequent phases of waste management (including the administrative requirements that must be performed in terms of accounting and traceability of waste).


Waste must be characterised in order to classify it. This means determining its characteristics through laboratory testing and the collection of all information regarding the process that generates it, the raw materials used and/or the substances that it has come into contact with, and also the relative safety sheets.

Final Destination

Characterising waste is not only essential for categorising and identifying the correct waste management, but also to allocate any dangerous characteristics in the case of hazardous waste and to check the suitability of the final disposal or recovery plant, as set out in Ministerial Decree 5/2/98 as amended and in Legislative Decree 121/2020.


Once the waste has been characterised, it is classified based on the criteria set out in: