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Laboratorio L.A.V. Srl, accredited with the sampling of waste in accordance with Standard UNI 10802, provides consultancy and sampling services for the harvesting of representative samples, in compliance with Sampling Plans in accordance with Standards UNI EN 14899 and UNI CEN/TR 15310-1.

Underground Soil and Water

Accredited sampling of underground soil and water, in accordance with the UNICHIM Manual n. 196/2:2004. Our experts can guide you in drafting Sampling Plans, in choosing the various strategies and the various devices that can be used.

Marine Sediments

Sampling and analysis of marine sediments in compliance with DM 173/2016.. Our experts will guide you in the drafting and writing of seabed Sampling Plans, in the positioning of sampling points and the taking of representative samples to be sent for chemical and eco-toxicological analysis.

MPS and EoW

Consultancy, sampling and analysis of waste, fulfilling the requirements set out in various Decrees and Regulations, for the purpose of ending waste status “EoW”, pursuant to article 184 ter of Legislative Decree no. 152/2006.
Our experts will guide you in filling out the required documents and in providing technical support for representative sample taking.